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Design brought to the point

2010-10-22 14:35 (comments: 0)

Gripability -- the automatic gripping and grasping system "Gripability e3" not only as a technical medical aid outstanding and exemplary

Wheelchair, braillenotebook, automatic gripping and grasping systems. Many people with disabilities take these things for granted and use them within their daily routine. Little and big helpers who make our days easier. Only very few people are aware of the fact that these little and big helpers didn't always exist.

Gripability auf der iENAGripability auf der iENAGripability auf der iENA

They are inventions! Inventions that someone came up with to solve a specific situation. Inventions to make life easier. With Gripability it was gripping and grasping...

It was the Gripability team that enhanced this product idea. The design process gave the idea a defined appearance and finally it was optimised to the stage that it can be brought to the market as a technical medical aid.

26 of August 2010 "Gripability e3" was elected by the Bavarian governmental enterprise "bayern design" to exemplify at iENA, the world leading international trade fair "Ideas-Inventions-Novelties", from October 28 to October 31, that an idea itself does not make a market ready product.

Gripability at RehaCare 2010

2010-10-15 15:07 (comments: 0)

With its products Gripability e3 and Gripability Xhand the German company develops new activity fields within the market for technical medical aids.

Thus for Gripability October 2010 again was a very eventful month.

In the first half it was the world's greatest trade show for technical medical aids, RehaCare in Duesseldorf, where Gripability presented itself for the fourth time. And in the second half the automatic gripping and grasping aid "Gripability e3" was presented by the Bavarian governmental enterprise "bayern design" at iENA, the world leading international trade fair "Ideas-Inventions-Novelties", as an exemplary "product process".

Gripability auf der Rehacare 2010Gripability auf der Rehacare 2010

Patrick Oeffner, Gripability CEO concludes for the month October, "gripping and grasping are among the most elementary of human abilities. Our gripping and grasping aids open up completely new possibilities to compensate a missing or limited grip or grasp ability within the level of technical medical aids. Meanwhile it is very obvious that we have achieved a stable position within the market of technical medical aids. Maintaining and establishing business relationships, conversations with customers and many other details have let us experience this year's RehaCare out of a new perspective."

Gripability -- what October whether has to do with Christians daily routine

2010-09-26 15:09 (comments: 0)

An old farmers wisdom on the weather:

"Is October warm and fine, comes a strong winter without sunshine,
is October wet and cold, then winter sure will be mild."

Gripability e3 Anwender mit Billiard-Queue


"I don't mind being surprised by the weather, I take it as it comes.", says Christian, the German wheelchair user, with a great smile on his face. "With my life that's different -- here I really like to get a grip on things."


Said and done -- using the automatic Gripability gripping and grasping system, Christians phrase really has "the truest sense of the word touch"... and he goes on: "creative works, playing snooker and first of all a wide range of daily actions have only become possible for me, since I use "Gripability e3"."

Gripability -- adaptive design of working environments with vacuum gripping and grasping technology

2010-09-25 15:15 (comments: 0)

Gripability Vakuum-Greiftechnik"Daddy, what's vacuum?" ... many of us have already laughed about the answer to this question.

But do you know that vacuum gripping and grasping technology can be of great benefit to people with disabilities at their working environment?

Gripability Xhand in der Anwendung



As innovation leader in the field of automatic gripping and grasping aids Gripability employs vacuum gripping and grasping technology to design adaptive working environments.

Gripability supports the charitable foundation »Brave Art«

2009-05-10 15:28 (comments: 0)

Karlsruhe -- at the REHAB exhibition from 7th to 9th of May in Karlsruhe »Brave Art« presents itself to a larger public for the first time. Gripability the young creative German company supports the event with its innovative technical medical aids, automatic gripping systems and accessible easels. At the Brave Art stand visitors can experience a great variety of creative activities -- for example through the participation in workshops with street art artist Stefanie Peichal and photographer Luigi Toscano. The spinal-cord injured (tetraplegic) mouth painter Markus Kostka gives insights into his work, the pop art painter Maren Valenti demonstrates her techniques. Furthermore there are sculpturers, musicians and graphic artists ready to motivate young people with disabilities to »Brave Art«.

Gripability unterstützt das Brave-Art

With its »accessible« easel and automatic gripping systems Gripability makes sure that people with disabilities can perform creative activities that previously were out of their reach.

Gripability unterstützt das Brave-Art

Within only a few minutes visitors, maybe with a limited gripping and grasping ability like tetraplegics, are equipped with the gripping aid »Gripability e3« and can then become creative with pencil, brush or other tools. There are of course many occupational and physical therapists who as well want to know how this works. They can make their own experiences and have a go at a large canvas.

The canvas is located on the easel, which can be automatically adjusted in height using a remote control. Wheelchair accessibility is therefore possible as well.

Gripability unterstützt das Brave-Art"Hey! Such a cool technical aid is not only useful for people with disabilities...", calls out street art artist Stefanie Peichal joyfully while she is, with fast and experienced strokes of the brush, giving the canvas her handwriting, "...this is just masterly."

So emerges at the Gripability stand out of the participation of many an enthusiastic visitor a fascinating team artwork sized 1,2m x 1,6m. At an auction held during rehability's and Otto Bock's exhibition party this painting obtains a price of €2000 for the benefit of the Brave Art project.

Gripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtGripability unterstützt das Brave-ArtMarkus Kostka, the mouth painter, rapidly sketches a cat onto the paper which he has brought into position using the Gripability Xhand.

You will find the »Brave Art« project website here.

Autonomia EXPO - Athen

2008-05-20 15:33 (comments: 0)

From May 16 to May 18, 2008 Gripability presented its product Gripability e3 at the Autonomia EXPO in Athens in relation with its Greek partner, the company recreo. Autonomia EXPO is the biggest exhibition for medical aids in Greece. One of the big Athens newspapers, TA NEA, pointed out Gripability e3 as one of the outstanding innovations in an article about the show.


Autonomia EXPO in Athen

Autonomia EXPO in Athen

Gripability sur Rehacare 2007

2007-10-07 15:36 (comments: 0)

YANOUS - Le premier hebdomadaire francophone du handicap

Le concepteur tétraplégique de Gripability présentait lui-même son produit, une pince de préhension placée sur le poignet. Elle fonctionne grâce à de l'air comprimé et un moteur placé derrière le dossier de fauteuil. L'air comprimé peut se recharger à l'aide d'une pompe ou d'un compresseur. La recharge d'air est nécessaire au bout de 300 à 400 ouvertures. La pince est réglable sur 3 niveaux en fonction des caractéristiques de l'objet à prendre. Ces réglages s'effectuent grâce à un boîtier (comparable à un manipulateur de fauteuil) placé par exemple en bout d'accoudoir du fauteuil. Différentes types de pinces sont disponibles. L'inventeur a développé également un autre produit pour les centres d'aide pour le travail afin d'améliorer et faciliter le travail des personnes qui n'ont l'usage que d'un bras. C'est également une pince mais qui est placée sur un bras devant la personne. L'ouverture et la fermeture de la pince sont commandées par une pédale au pied. Ce système permet par exemple de maintenir un sachet ouvert pour y introduire aisément des objets de la main valide.

Gripability: Get a grip on life - thanks to handling technology

2006-04-23 15:37 (comments: 0)

Who until recently believed that pneumatic grippers could only be used for a production oriented material flow, will have to rethink: Patrick Oeffner from Vogelsberg in Germany has developed a gripper system for handicapped people, which will make life much easier for a lot of affected people. He was, and still is, generously supported by the Bavarian firm of FIPA, a recognized specialist in industrial vacuum and gripper systems.

After having being paralysed from the neck down, the 35-year-old artist was looking for a way to cope with every day life. Through the Internet he got into contact with the handling specialists of FIPA in Ismaning near Munich.

Here he not only found a 15 g Mini gripper, but also an open minded sparring partner, who spontaneously helped him with advice and products to enable him to turn his idea for a gripper system for handicapped people into reality quickly. After just a few weeks Patrick Oeffner with the help of FIPA had already finished a prototype of his system with a patent already pending. The control of the pneumatic gripper can be adapted to the individual capabilities of the user - with a manual switch (as in Patrick Oeffner's own case), with the mouth, or voice-controlled.

Writing tools, drinking vessels, cutlery and much more - the FIPA grippers with 15 or 50 g optionally, will grip it securely and sensitively: even the small pliers produces an astonishing 15 N of gripping power while being opened at 10 mm.

"In FIPA I have found an interested sparring partner that can assist me with a whole truckload of ideas, and who have already offered me their support for the ongoing development of the system", the 35 year old tetraplegic (the medical term for someone who is paralysed from the neck down) eagerly anticipates. On his homepage interested people can get a good impression of the development stage and the possibilities of his system - and order their own gripability solutions, if necessary.

"For us it is very important to look beyond the horizon of industrial standard applications", FIPA general manager Rainer Mehrer describes the innovation philosophy of his company, " and when indeed we have the opportunity to help people, it fills us with a very special kind of pride."

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