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Gripability GmbH - press service RehaCare 2009


This year again the German high-tech company Gripability contributes with its fascinating innovations to the fact that RehaCare is the leading gateway to Europe's markets for the rehabilitation and care sectors.

Gripability develops, produces and sells "assistive technology". As innovation leader in the field of electro pneumatic gripping systems the enterprise, with its products "Gripability e3" and "Gripability Xhand", opens up new perspectives concerning independency and life quality for many people.

With "Gripability e3" -- the unique assistive technology device, developed by and for people with limited hand function -- a great variety of daily used utensils can be grasped and handled independently. Its intelligent conception guarantees an easy and individual adaption as well as absolute mobility. For its user "Gripability e3" makes new dimensions of activity accessible and restores a lot of freedom to life.

"Gripability Xhand" -- an assistive technology device, designed as a stationary helping hand -- is a novel grip system used for clamping a wide range of objects, e. g. in a working process. Its maximum dynamic flexibility makes unrestricted three-dimensional positioning possible. Compatibility with the standard rehab sensors guarantees adaptability to every need. "Gripability Xhand" is the assistive technology device when talking about independency and integration at a workplace.

And of course Gripability will present at this year's RehaCare news and introductions.

With kind regards Your Gripability Team

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