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Design brought to the point

2010-10-22 14:35 (comments: 0)

Gripability -- the automatic gripping and grasping system "Gripability e3" not only as a technical medical aid outstanding and exemplary

Wheelchair, braillenotebook, automatic gripping and grasping systems. Many people with disabilities take these things for granted and use them within their daily routine. Little and big helpers who make our days easier. Only very few people are aware of the fact that these little and big helpers didn't always exist.

Gripability auf der iENAGripability auf der iENAGripability auf der iENA

They are inventions! Inventions that someone came up with to solve a specific situation. Inventions to make life easier. With Gripability it was gripping and grasping...

It was the Gripability team that enhanced this product idea. The design process gave the idea a defined appearance and finally it was optimised to the stage that it can be brought to the market as a technical medical aid.

26 of August 2010 "Gripability e3" was elected by the Bavarian governmental enterprise "bayern design" to exemplify at iENA, the world leading international trade fair "Ideas-Inventions-Novelties", from October 28 to October 31, that an idea itself does not make a market ready product.

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