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Gripability project - atelier

automatic easel


The Gripability easel was developed within a project for a mouth painter.

Particular requirements of the product were:

It should be possible to work the bottom edge of the canvastl_files/Fotos/Atelier/staffelei_03.jpg even when standing. And this when working at a canvas with a minimum height of 75 cm. At the same time it was necessary to design the easel so that it could be used by an artist driving a wheelchair.

Further aims where to reach a maximal adaptability concerning the control of the product as well as a minimal consumption of space within the working environment.

tl_files/Fotos/Atelier/staffelei_01.jpgAn explicit wish of the client was that the frame for carrying the canvases would, as common, be made of wood. And last but not least a focus was put on optical attractiveness so that the easel would nicely accommodate to any living space.

As a result the Gripability design-team presented an easel with the following characteristics:

tl_files/Fotos/Atelier/staffelei_02.jpg100 cm range - make it, depending on the height of the artist's working environment, possible to independently work at big canvases while standing or sitting.

Wall fastening with articulated arms - this particular solution makes it possible to drive with the knees underneath the easel when using a wheelchair. It as well secures the extremely low consumption of space.

Highest adaptability of the control to individual needs is guaranteed through a compatibility with the full range of rehab interfaces.

Due to its amazing design a Gripability easel is an absolute upvaluation for every environment increased by the art works of the artist working with it.

An implicitness for Gripability products are its highest security- and quality features.